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Protecting Your Interests During Concurrent Property Use

A single piece of property may contain multiple uses and numerous owners. Wind farms, solar energy development, and oil and gas development often occur concurrently with other uses, such as farming, ranching or hunting. In addition, a single parcel of land may contain an oil well or pipeline, wind turbines and solar panels.

When a parcel of land is being used for multiple uses, developing future agreements can be challenging. Each existing lease or agreement must first be interpreted to determine whether it restricts concurrent use. If no restrictions exist, other leases may be developed. However, these future contracts must reference all existing leases and agreements and respect the terms laid forth in those documents.

With these many players involved, it is often better to craft accommodation agreements ahead of time that clearly dictate each party’s rights and responsibilities in the event of concurrent uses.

Drafting Accommodation Agreements

Located in Sweetwater, Texas, the attorneys of Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, are highly regarded in the field of energy law. For more than 35 years, oil and gas, and renewable energy companies throughout the southwestern United States have turned to the firm for representation during the preparation of accommodation negotiations.

Attorney Roderick Wetsel is board-certified as an oil, gas and mineral law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He also co-authored the primary legal teaching resource on wind law. Other attorneys often call on our attorneys to testify as expert witnesses during litigation involving energy law disputes.

This knowledge and experience provide clients with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight. The lawyers’ familiarity with solar, wind, and oil and gas law and experience drafting accommodation agreements allow them to clearly identify potential areas of growth, opportunity and liability. The result is more comprehensive accommodation agreements that better protect clients’ long-term property and financial interests.

In addition to the creation of accommodation agreements, Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, can also represent landowners, oil companies, and wind and solar companies when disputes regarding surface use and mineral use arise.

Call For Assistance With Accommodation Agreements

The best way to protect your financial interests and property rights is through a well-executed accommodation agreement. For assistance, call 800-787-0784 or contact Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, online to schedule a consultation.