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A Comprehensive Approach To Solar Energy Projects

For more than 40 years, Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, located in Sweetwater, Texas, has been representing landowners during energy-related projects. The firm’s attorneys are at the forefront of renewable energy law. Landowners throughout the Southwest U.S. turn to the firm for assistance in analyzing, negotiating and resolving disputes involving solar energy projects. In fact, attorney Jake Lederle wrote one of the first published papers on solar energy in Texas.

Protecting Your Long-Term Interests

Solar energy leases are often long in duration, impacting generations of landowners. When negotiating leases and other property agreements, Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, is cognizant of the long-term effects.

The lawyers take all necessary steps, including obtaining bonds and other security measures to ensure that first and foremost, the financial interests of current and future owners are protected. They also negotiate terms that ensure land is well-maintained during the term of the project, and finally, that solar panels will be properly removed at the end of the project so the land can return to its former use.

Analyzing The Opportunities And Drawbacks Of A Proposed Project

Unlike wind energy and oil and gas, solar farms often require the exclusive use of the land. This means the land can no longer be used for ranching or farming.

Before agreeing to a solar energy project, the financial impacts of the lease must be analyzed. At Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, the attorneys carefully evaluate the proposed project to determine whether the financial benefits outweigh the lost land use.

If you decide to go ahead with the project, the firm will represent your interests during every stage of the project, including negotiating leases, right of ways and other governing instruments, resolving title issues and land use disputes, and during any disputes that arise during the project.

Title And Division Issues

Because solar projects require extensive, if not exclusive, use of surface areas, conflict can arise between surface owners and mineral rights owners. Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, helps resolve these conflicts and develops title opinions so projects can continue without restricting one owner’s financial opportunities.

Schedule A Consultation

If you are considering a solar energy project, contact Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, for assistance. Call 800-787-0784 to schedule a consultation.