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Tax Abatements: Reducing Property Tax, Encouraging Industry Growth

Wind and solar energy projects are lucrative not only for energy companies, but also for individual property owners. Once installed, these developments often increase the value of land. While increased property values can result in higher tax liabilities, tax abatement programs are available.

Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, is a trusted legal resource for municipalities, government agencies, and wind and solar energy companies. Located in Sweetwater, the firm helps clients in Texas establish tax abatement programs that reduce property taxes and encourage the continued growth and development of the renewable energy industry.

Property Tax Abatement

Texas property laws allow counties to issue tax abatements, or exemptions, for increases in land value arising from the installation of solar or wind energy projects. Facilitating these arrangements requires three things:

  1. Knowledge of all applicable federal, state and local laws
  2. An understanding of renewable energy projects
  3. Familiarity with municipal governing systems

The lawyers of Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, have the legal and industry knowledge — they are recognized leaders in energy law — and they know how municipal governments operate — they have worked with hundreds of municipalities throughout Southwest U.S.

The firm’s attorneys are often called upon to testify as experts during lawsuits involving solar power, wind energy, and oil and gas disputes.

They assist municipalities and solar and wind energy companies in securing property tax abatements for local property owners. They provide representation during every stage of the project, including:

  • The establishment of the project zone
  • Obtaining approval from county commissioners
  • The development of guidelines and criteria for the tax abatement
  • Representation at any public hearings prior to the vote

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