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Drilling, Pipelines And Other Oil And Gas Projects

Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, in Sweetwater, is a recognized leader in the oil and gas industry. For more than 40 years, landowners in Texas and New Mexico have turned to the firm to ensure their financial and property interests are protected during drilling, pipeline, and other oil and gas projects. The firm also represents oil and gas companies and assists municipalities in the establishment of tax abatements.

Put Our Experience In Oil And Gas Law In Your Corner

The oil and gas industry is highly technical. Projects involve many moving pieces. As a surface or mineral owner, it is important to seek counsel from skilled oil and gas attorneys before signing a lease or entering another agreement with an oil and gas company.

The lawyers of Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, understand the unique challenges property owners experience during oil and gas projects. Their experience, skills and industry knowledge give clients the edge they need to ensure their rights are protected at every stage of a drilling or pipeline project, including:

  • Completing due diligence on project proposals
  • Negotiating and drafting leases, use agreements, surface use agreements, rights of way, easements, disposal agreements and joint operating agreements
  • Negotiating royalty payments
  • Title examination and issuing title opinions, including drilling and division order title opinions
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Ensuring farmout agreements contain terms requiring oil and gas companies to develop the lease
  • Representation during disputes

The firm also represents landowners whose properties are being condemned and taken by public utility companies.

Know Your Rights So You Can Protect Them

Oil and gas projects can be very lucrative for landowners, securing a family’s financial stability for generations. However, they can also cause substantial property damage, restrict property use and — if not negotiated properly — severely hurt financial opportunity.

When negotiating agreements, the attorneys of Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, draw upon their more than four decades of oil and gas experience. They plan for every possible contingency to ensure their clients’ financial and property rights are protected.

We Are Ready To Review Your Oil And Gas Issue

If you are faced with an oil and gas issue, seek experienced and competent counsel who can advise you on the long term impacts. Contact Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, at 800-787-0784, or reach us online to schedule a consultation.