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Experienced Legal Counsel

The lawyers at Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, in Sweetwater, represent landowners, ranchers, small businesses, municipalities, utilities, groundwater management districts and other organizations in the purchase, sale and leasing of groundwater and surface water rights.

We bring more than 40 years of experience in water resources and water rights law to every case. Our services include:

  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements to transfer or assign groundwater and surface water rights through purchase, lease or trust
  • Financing of water infrastructure
  • Enforcement of water rights
  • Water rights disputes
  • Protection and valuation of water rights in eminent domain or condemnation proceedings
  • Permits and regulatory compliance

A Precious Commodity

Texas’ population is expected to grow by more than 40 percent in the next 50 years, placing great demands on the state’s water supply. It is expected that water will become more regulated as demand increases.

If you need legal representation to secure water rights, transfer water rights, or resolve a dispute regarding water rights or water usage, our lawyers are ready to advise you. Call 800-787-0784, or contact the firm online.