Local renewable energy production can reduce Texas grid strain

With the summer heat looming, many property owners and policymakers across Texas have begun expressing concern. In recent years, strain on the electrical grid during inclement weather, including heat waves, has led to brownouts and rolling blackouts that have left people stranded without electrical support and even endangered some people’s welfare.

Policymakers and big businesses alike have taken steps to try to improve the state of the Texas electrical grid. But there is also something that many property owners in Texas could do to contribute to the state’s energy independence and electrical stability. Specifically, the diversification of energy production through continued investment in small-scale renewable energy projects can help create a safer and more comfortable state for everyone.

Local production takes the pressure off of big businesses

When homeowners in Texas make use of the ample wind movement and solar exposure properties experience across the state, they can turn those naturally-occurring weather phenomena into electricity. The decision to install a solar, electrical or wind energy project can benefit Texas property owners concerned about the grid in two main ways.

The first and most obvious is by giving that individual more independence. By producing electricity on a property, people have less reason to worry about the possibility of supply disruption. They may also enjoy the satisfaction that comes from making a socially-conscious decision by reducing the strain applied to the grid and potentially providing some electricity for others in the area.

The second benefit is the possibility of profit. When people produce more electricity than they consume on their property, they can sell their overages to the local power company. Doing so provides more power for others who need air conditioning, refrigeration and other electrical conveniences at their homes and businesses while creating a secondary source of revenue for the property owner.

The initial investment involved in renewable energy production can be a challenge for some, and many people find the agreements with the companies that manufacture and install such systems confusing and difficult to navigate. Seeking legal guidance throughout the contract negotiation process could help make the idea of generating electricity at a property a reality instead of a far-flung fantasy for many.