How more renewable energy can help stabilize the Texas grid

Although Texas may be one of the biggest producers of energy in the United States in terms of both crude oil and renewable energy, the electrical grid across the state is notoriously unstable. Snow and ice storms and intense periods of demand during the summer heat can lead to blackouts and brownouts that affect thousands of consumers.

The state has recently begun discussing how to strengthen and stabilize the energy grid, but an important factor has not played a main role in the discussion. Specifically, the state seems to have shied away from discussing the role of renewable energy in helping Texas address its staggering demand for electricity.

Renewable energy is beneficial for many parties

Wind and solar installations benefit individuals, businesses and the state. Such operations help diversify production sites and take some of the pressure off of the largest production plants in the state. The more centralized energy production and distribution becomes, the easier it is for breakdowns in the system to affect large numbers of consumers.

When more businesses create their own energy production facilities and more consumers or property owners install solar panels and wind turbines, everyone stands to benefit. There will be more sources of power across the state, thus limiting the pressure on specific providers.

Of course, there are challenges associated with the rollout of renewable energy programs, which is likely why many people interested in the concept continually delay making an investment. Truthfully, if more property owners and businesses in Texas recognized that they stood to profit directly from electricity production and by the increased property value such investments could produce, they would likely rush to evaluate their properties for solar and wind installations.

Professional help makes renewable energy investments less risky

There are numerous challenges that could complicate a property owner or business’s attempt to move into renewable energy production. People may worry about how to secure tax credits or permits to operate.

From agreements with local utility companies to leases with renewable energy companies, there are plenty of challenges that individuals and business owners may struggle to manage without professional support. Bringing in legal help can make a big difference for those interested in investing in wind power or solar power in Texas.