How common is onshore wind energy?

When considering wind energy collection systems, there are two main types of systems that are in use. The first is a developed type of technology known as onshore wind energy. The other is offshore wind energy, and it is considered to be an expanding and emerging technology.

For example, 115 countries are using onshore wind energy in some capacity. You can find wind turbines in Texas and other areas across the United States. However, while the United States does have some offshore wind installations, only 19 countries use these. This shows that they are far less common and that the majority of wind collection systems are going to be found onshore.

Another way to look at this is simply to consider that about 7% of the total wind energy in the world is captured by offshore systems. The other 93% is captured by onshore systems, further demonstrating how they have cornered the market. Offshore systems are likely to expand, but they are more complex and expensive.

Why is this important to you?

If you are a landowner in Texas, this is important because it means that most energy companies are going to focus on some type of onshore installation. They need land to create these energy production and capture stations, and so they are looking to purchase properties where they can get projects underway. Only a very small number of them will be looking toward offshore options, although it will be interesting to see how this technology may change as it develops in the years to come.

What should you do?

If you are approached by an energy company, it’s just important to know exactly what type of agreement they’re offering you, what your land is worth and how the process works. This type of land is very expensive and deals can be complicated, so it may help to have an experienced team on your side. Selling or leasing land for this purpose can be lucrative, but you don’t want to make any mistakes and you need to know exactly what steps to take.