Wind energy is making a huge splash in Texas

Finding alternative energy sources is an important project within the energy field. While Texas may be known for its oil fields, at some point in the future, the oil simply will not be there anymore. This means the state has to start finding energy alternatives, and wind seems to be the stand-out star so far.

According to CNN, wind power produced within the state is at an all-time high. Texas already has the title of the top wind energy producing state, but now, it is breaking its own records.

A look at the numbers

When it comes to wind power, Texas is able to service about 22% of its own needs through this source. This is a huge jump in just 16 years. At that time, the percentage was just under 1%.

The competitors

Of course, wind power is not the only power source that keeps the state running. The largest power source is natural gas. It provides about 44% of the state’s energy needs. Wind power is not coming close to that yet.

However, coal, which used to be a top energy source, providing about 37% of the state’s needs in 2013, is now providing less power than wind. For 2019, it is providing 21% of the energy needs, which wind power just edges out.

The impact

Even though this just happening in one state, it has a huge impact on the country overall. Texas is a huge state with electric usage that surpasses all other states. When Texas can reduce its dependency on traditional fossil fuels, it shows that other states can do the same thing. This can start a change in the whole country that moves the U.S. towards these alternative energy sources. This is a good thing for the country, the environment and the future of energy.