Wind Energy Law
The attorneys of Wetsel & Lederle, LLP are acknowledged leaders in the field of energy law.
Oil And Gas Law
Landowners and energy companies turn to Wetsel & Lederle, LLP for assistance with oil and gas projects.
Energy Projects
Wetsel & Lederle, LLP has been involved in some of the largest wind and solar energy projects in the country.
Energy Projects
Wetsel & Lederle, LLP assists in all legal aspects of the leasing, acquisition, licensing, and development of solar power facilities.
Additional Legal Services
In addition to energy law, Wetsel & Lederle, LLP represents individuals and businesses in a variety of other matters.

Wind Energy Law

The attorneys of Wetsel & Lederle, LLP are experts in the field of energy law and contributed in writing “the book” on wind energy.

Representing Energy Clients In Texas And Across The U.S.

Wetsel & Lederle, LLP, in Sweetwater, a leading energy law firm in Texas, provides comprehensive representation regionally and across the U.S. to landowners, oil and gas companies, renewable energy companies and other parties involved in both oil & gas and renewable energy projects.


For more than 40 years, the firm has immersed itself in traditional forms of energy, such as oil and gas law, as well as wind and solar law. The firm’s attorneys handle everything from negotiating and drafting landowner lease agreements, negotiating easements, defending condemnation proceedings and other litigation to advising companies and local governments on tax abatement issues and everything in between.

Practice Areas

Wind EnergyRepresenting Landowners and Wind Companies, Throughout the Country, in all Aspects of Wind Energy.Discover More  
Solar EnergyRepresenting Landowners and Solar Companies, Throughout the Country, in all Aspects of Solar Energy.Discover More 
Oil & Gas EnergyProtecting Our Clients’ Interests During Drillings, Pipeline, and other Oil & Gas Matters.Discover More  
Eminent DomainFighting for property owners’ rights when their land is being claimed for public use.Discover More  
Tax AbatementsHelping Clients Establish Tax Abatements under Texas Law in order to Encourage Growth.Discover More 
Contract NegotiationThe firm reviews, negotiates and drafts agreements for energy projects, commercial business matters and real estate transactions.Discover More  
Energy LawRepresenting clients in Texas and across the U.S. in all types of energy projects.Discover More  
Additional Legal ServicesWe provide trusted legal counsel in a wide range of real estate, business, banking and civil law matters.Discover More 

Highly Recommended In Other Areas of Law

In addition to energy law, the firm provides legal counsel to individuals and businesses throughout Texas in a wide range of civil and commercial areas. This includes real estate and business law issues, as well as estate planning, estate administration, and banking and finance matters.


The firm’s attorneys work to protect clients’ interests and to resolve legal issues efficiently and effectively. If a fair agreement cannot be reached outside of court, the firm’s lawyers are prepared to advocate aggressively on behalf of clients in trial.

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The firm’s attorneys provide highly personalized legal counsel in a client-friendly manner. No two cases are alike, which means a careful examination of the facts is necessary to develop the most effective legal strategy possible.


The firm’s collaborative approach internally means each client benefits from the collective knowledge of the firm’s attorneys.

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